What happens if I leave this case in the sun?
Due to the products used to create this case, there is a chance that leaving this case in the sun will cause the case to turn a yellow tinge. To avoid this from happening, keep it cool and out of the sun!

Why does my case look like it has bubbles in it?
In order to seal the designs, a product called resin is used. During the drying process, sometimes the resin will bubble. This is natural and is part of the process.
Why is my case not perfect? Why is there an ink stain on the side?
We can't guarantee that our cases are perfect. In fact, we prefer if they aren't! Sometimes during the process, we get so excited about the designing of it, ink is flying everywhere. Each case is designed by hand, and each imperfection adds to the personality of the case. They aren't perfect, and that is why we love them.

This being said, when it comes to selling a case to a customer (like you!!), our standards are very high. If we don't love it, we don't sell it.
I just bought an iPhone 6/6S case, and my headphones won't fit in the hole. How can I solve this problem?
We check each phone case for functionality before sending them off to you. However if on the off chance, we cleared it and your headphones still don't fit, we are happy to fix it for you! Reach out to hello@fayeandrae.com and we can walk you through the steps on resolving the issue for you.

How protective are faye + rae phone cases?
Faye + rae cases are built more for design than for protection. Your case's reinforced corners are great for protecting your phone from minor falls and scratches, but it will not save your phone if you drop it off of a balcony. At faye + rae we cannot guarantee your phone is protected from scratches, cracks, or breaks.